Our first project from the Games Academy Berlin, it's called Junkings and is a Co-Op sidescroll shooter. One Player takes the agile Fighter and the other picks up the destructive Tank. But we build in a feature which lets combine these two vehicles into one super Fighter. After 5 Months of developing we finished our first game with one playable level and an amazing endboss, Junkings was well polished but the engine we used (Game Maker) did not allow us to run the game on every system so there won’t be a playable version to download.




Junkings is a story of two friends named Jimbo (Tank) and Pete (Fighter) who have lost their lovely dog Fluffy. What they don’t know is that the service robots on the JP-23 (Junk Planet 23) turned evil and that they kidnapped Fluffy. Jimbo’s and Pete’s mission is to rescue him, on the way they have to fight the enemy service robots.


The game is a classic side scroll shooter with some additional features besides the power ups we added the highly innovative feature called Combined Combat. With the Combined Combat you and your mate are able to connect your two vehicles into one super destructive Fighter.

How does the controls work you ask?

Well, if you are separated the Fighter can fly on the x and y axis but can only fire straight forward, as the Tank it is only possible to drive on the ground at the x axis but therefore you have the ability to rotate your turret in an angle of 110°. In the combined state the player of the Fighter is still able to move in the x and y axis but can’t shoot anymore and here comes the destructive part, the other player is now able to rotate his turret and shoot. With the agility of the Fighter your are nearly unbeatable.

But there has to be some downside right?

Right! As a separated unit each one has 100 HP so a total of 200 HP but as one combined vehicle only 100 HP. Besides that you are only able to be combined for 20 seconds, let’s say you do it to early probably your mate will fall into the endless gorge of the JP-23.


Use the tools and skills at your hand, buidling something good but small can help you start faster with your next ideas. Create a community and a world around it.